Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gentleman No. 4

8 x 10 palette knife oil on canvas.

Gentleman No. 3

Gentleman No. 2

Gentleman No. 1

Gentleman Paintings

I have a thing for portraits. I have not had the courage to take a portrait drawing or painting class yet so I thought I'd give it a try on my own first. SOLD


6 x 8 oil on canvas with palette knife. SOLD.

More Early Paintings

Early Paintings

I finally started painting at home in 2009. My kitchen serves as my painting studio. These are my first attempts to paint at home with no instruction. SOLD

These are a few more early classroom projects From Lill Street.

Classroom Paintings

After several years of thinking about it I finally decided to take an oil painting class in 2006. I was living in Boston at the time and was hoping to also meet some new people. I signed up for an adult education class in Harvard Square. I was fortunate to have an instructor that I loved. She was very encouraging to all of us. I was hooked.

After moving back to Chicago in 2007 I took an oil painting class at Lill Street Art Center in the Ravenswood neighborhood. Again, I was fortunate to have an instructor that I loved. I am sure I will continue to take classes there. They have a wonderful selection and offer classes for all skill levels.

This is one of the earliest paintings I did in my classes at Lill Street.